If the status is success, it means that you withdrawal process has been processed and confirmed by our team. We have transferred the fund to your bank account, but the mutation process on the bank side is still on pending so the balance will still not show up on your bank account. Please wait 1 day workdays until the bank successfully transferred the fund to your bank account.

Please notice that our team cannot accelerate the process, because the one who will be in charge of moving the funds is the bank. If it’s urgent you can contact the bank to ask for your fund status.

177 Thoughts to “I make a Rupiah withdrawal, the status is success but I still not receive it in my bank account. what happen?

  1. d0zky

    min, saya salah menuliskan nomor rekening pas melakukan withdrw, apakah bisa dicancel/diedit nomor rekeningnya? masalahnya sudah konfirmasi lewat email. terima kasih

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