not affiliated with any mining company and we can’t recommend you to which site is trusted or not.

But you can read info about mining and cloud mining in our forum, especially in the ‘Mining & Cloud Mining’ sub forum.

In that forum you can share information with Indonesian Bitcoin community about which company is suitable for you.

26 Thoughts to “I want to mine bitcoins. Can you tell me trusted mining/cloud mining sites?

    1. Nidya

      Halo Bapak/Ibu Mata Hari
      Terimakasih telah menghubungi kami

      Jika Anda sudah memiki saldo bitcoin di, Anda dapat langsung mengirimkan saldo bitcoin yang Anda ingin cairkan di Exchanger luar tersebut dengan membuat akun terlebih dahulu di perusahaan Exchanger luar Indonesia yang Anda inginkan.

      Terimakasih, semoga dapat membantu..

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