1. If you have not verified your account, you can click on ‘change name?’ and provide the reason why you want to change your Indodax account .
    • Example for eligible reason are: Wrong name spelling, want to change to parent’s name because still underage, or to spouse’s name because doesn’t have own bank account.
    • If the new account name have siblings or parent relation, please provide us with a picture or a scan of the family register to our email at [email protected] with ‘Data Kelengkapan Penggantian Nama Akun’ as the subject. If the new name have husband-wife relation, please provide us with picture or scan of your marriage record.
  2. If your account has been verified, you can only change your name if there is only minor mistakes in your name, or you want to add some degree in your name. Please send us the data of your old and new name, username, e-mail, phone number, a pic or scan of your ID which you use for verification. Our team will match all the data and we’ll confirm via phone call to the registered phone number, to prevent fraud. If everything is done by the rule, we will change your account’s name as you asked.

102 Thoughts to “I want to change my account's name. What should I do?

  1. eko

    saya mau merubah nama akun vip saya…
    sebelumnya sudah verified pakai kartu sim…
    namun di ktp saya berbeda hanya 1 huruf…
    bagaimana saya dapat menggantinya?
    terima kasih

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