Since August 2015, our BCA and Mandiri account has been undergoing a maintenance process so for now we have decided to deactivate them. We are still not sure when we can use those accounts again but for now, please do not send your money to our BCA and Mandiri account.

To deposit Rupiah into your Indodax account, we have provided several options that you can choose. You can still transfer funds from your BCA/Mandiri account to our BRI, Maybank or Sinarmas Bank. You may choose whichever option that suits you the best.

16 Thoughts to “Why can't I transfer to your BCA or Mandiri bank account?

  1. Moh agus Prasetyo Budiawan

    mohon koreksi akun nama saya mba,
    nama belakang ….~BUDIAWAN~

    bukan ….~BIDIAWAN~

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