Your Google Authenticator pin might not accepted because of these following reasons:

  1. The Pin has expired. The Google Authenticator pin will be reset every 30 seconds. It could happen that when you enter the pin to the fill box in Indodax, the in has changed. Please check again on your Google Authenticator if the Pin still valid.

  2. There is a ‘Time difference’ between your devices. eg: You access from your laptop and you set the time on GMT +7, but your Google Authenticator app that you downloaded to your phone has been set to GMT +8. Therefore, The Pin is not match. Change your time setting  on your smartphone to GMT +7 so the next pin will match.

  3. Due to another reasons that we still didn’t know, your Google Authenticator did not work as it is. when login, you can click on ‘Lost your Google Authenticator?” to delete the Google Authenticator from your account. Follow the instruction and re-install your Google Authenticator.

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