If you find suspicious activity (unknown and unnatural) in your Indodax account, there is a possibility that someone else is using it without your permission.

  • Access and login to a phishing website that resembles the official website www.indodax.com.
  • Passwords are too easy to guess (names, birthdays, sequential numbers, telephone numbers)
  • Use an unofficial application (non-official) from Indodax.
  • Use the same e-mail and password between websites.
  • Store e-mail and password data in an online cloud / drive application.
  • Does not activate the additional security features (2FA) provided. Example: Google Authenticator
  • There is malware that infects your device. Example: Keylogger, Virus.
  • Suspicious financial transaction and crypto asset activity (unknown and unnatural) in your transaction history.
  • Changes to data on the account such as e-mail and mobile phone numbers without your knowledge.
  • Changes to security settings such as deactivating 2FA without your knowledge.
  • Immediately change the password and activate 2FA Google Authenticator.
  • Remove all active APIs in your account.
  • You can lock your account via the login confirmation e-mail that was sent and the account will be locked for 24 hours.
  • Immediately contact the Indodax support team by e-mail at [email protected] with their chronology.
  • Make sure you log in only at www.indodax.com (not from the phishing website page).
  • Make a password that uses a unique combination (numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols).
  • Install additional security (2FA) like Google Authenticator.
  • Make sure all e-mails related to the Indodax account are only from the “@ indodax.com” domain and not others.
  • Perform periodic checks on the account transaction history.
  • Be sure to use the official application from Indodax only.
  • Android
    Indodax App
    Dompet Bitcoin Indonesia
  • iOS
    Indodax App
    Dompet Bitcoin Indonesia
  • Never use your Indodax account password on other sites.
  • Bookmark www.indodax.com in the browser to anticipate access to phishing sites.
    Update the Operating System and browser regularly.