You can now easily access every feature that is available in website through your smartphones

This application has several features that can help you such as: :

You can now store your Bitcoins safely in your wallet or send them to your friend as easy as turning your palm. Not only that you can send Bitcoin by scanning QR Codes, we also provide you a specific Bitcoin Address, complete with QR Code, that can be used to receive and keep your Bitcoin. You can also share your Bitcoin Address through e-mail, text message or your social media channels. Easy, right?

Now you don’t have to login through our website again to trade your Bitcoins to Rupiah or vice versa. Just do it through our app! Fill down the amount of Rupiah or BTC you want to trade, and press that green button below. Voila! You just purchased or sold some Bitcoins!

Dompet Bitcoin Indonesia provides a stylish widget that looks totally cool to be placed on your homescreen. This widget will tell you the latest Bitcoin’s price, complete with the notification whether the price is currently going up or down. To help you even more, we even provide you an alarm that will automatically go on if the price goes down or up to the price you prefer.

Ever feel like it’s so troublesome for you to login to using Google Authenticator or SMS PIN? Do you tend to forget the combination of your email and password when you try to login? With this app, you just have to login once with your email and password, and for the next, you can just type down a 6 digit PIN that you have installed earlier to make it easier for you to login.

If you love to spend time analyzing the Bitcoin’s price movement, you can check our Live Chart feature to read the volatility within the last 24 hours, one month or even from the day was first opened to public. You can see Bitcoin’s open price, highest, lowest and trading volume on the period you want.

We provide you a 24/7 online customer support even during holidays via Live Chat and e-mail at [email protected] because for you? We never sleep! You can easily call and chat with one of our team through this app. We would be more than glad to help! 

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    Kenapa saya ga bisa login di aplikasi nya? Disuruh lengkapi data diri. Padahal udah, tapi tetep ga bisa masuk.

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