You can find the reason why your files were rejected by our team from the e-mail we sent you. Usually, these are the reasons why your documents were rejected:

  • The picture/scan of your ID that you sent us were either too dark, blurry or unreadable.
  • Your current ID cannot be accepted and is considered invalid. ID documents that we accept are KTP (Indonesia citizen) and PASSPORT (expatriates).
  • This is the correct example of how your self picture supposed to be:

  • You did not enter the correct data. For example, your birth-date did not match the one written in your ID.
  • Your ID card has expired.

105 Thoughts to “I have sent my photo and a scan of my ID to you but they were rejected. Why did this happen?

  1. Muhammad fadhly

    Permisi .
    Saya ingin memverifikasi akun bitcoin saya,
    Ttpi saat ingin menjadi submit data yang ada beserta foto diri dan foto identitas,, kenapa tidak bisa di lanjutkan.. web mengatakan website sedang down.
    Apakah ada solusi untuk masalah seperti ini ?

  2. johan

    jika tanggal lahir tidak sesuai KTP
    apakah bisa mempengaruhi proses SETOR dan PENARIKAN dana??

    gara2 salah ketik tanggal lahir aja ini, masa ga bisa di ubah?

    jd solusinya apa admin terhormat

    mohon pencerahannya

    thank you

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