By using the chat room, you agree with the following agreements:
  • Chat room is created with the intent to facilitate the users of to be able to discuss about bitcoin in particular, and crypto asset in general.
  • PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia is not responsible for any losses arising from the use of chat rooms.
  • PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia is not responsible for any transactions that occur because of communication conducted through chat rooms.
  • PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia does not guarantee that the information is available in the chat room is the truth.
  • PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia is entitled to revoke a member’s access to the chat room facility when a member indicated that they have violated the agreement.
  • Chat room users are obliged to obey the following rules:
    • Users are prohibited to use words that are not polite.
    • Users are prohibited to spread hatred, slander and defamation.
    • Users are prohibited to engage in offensive discussions.
    • Users are prohibited to impersonate admin staff or official of
    • Users are prohibited to lend information on behalf of PT. Indodax National Indonesia.
    • Users are prohibited to transmit URLs that is related to fraud, hacking, phishing or unofficial social media channel.
    • Users are prohibited to promote affiliate URLs.
    • Users are prohibited to repeatedly promoting products (SPAM).
    • Users are prohibited to promote ponzi/HYIP/MMM programs including gambling & other money game activities in the chat room.
    • Users are prohibited to flood chat rooms with words or characters with no meaning, which could interfere with the comfort of other chat room users.
    • Users are prohibited to discuss anything that violate Indonesia law.
    • Users are prohibited to issue statements that may cause internal conflicts between members.
    • Users are prohibited to leave messages that may directly or indirectly insult or disrupt the reputation of PT. Indodax National Indonesia’s and the rest of its staff.
    • Users are prohibited to request any form of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, as well as vouchers from other members in this chatroom. Should you wish to make transactions, please do it personally in a private chat somewhere else.
    • Users are forbidden to slander any tokens or coins without any factual explanation
    • Users are prohibited to promote or insulting other exchangers
  • The allowed languages are Bahasa Indonesia and English.
For minor violations, the member will be banned temporarily (7-30 days) from the chat room. For serious violations, the member will be banned permanently from the chat room.

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