Payment via ATM BNI
  1. Insert your Card.
  2. Select Language.
  3. Enter your ATM PIN.
  4. Select “Other Menu”.
  5. Select “Transfer”.
  6. Select the type of account that you will use (Example: “From an Account Savings”).
  7. Select “Virtual Account Billing”.
  8. Enter your Virtual Account number (example: 9881602300000001).
  9. The invoice payable will appear on the confirmation screen.
  10. Confirm, if it is appropriate, continue the transaction.
  11. Your transaction has been completed.


Payment via BNI Mobile Banking
  1. Access BNI Mobile Banking from your handphone then enter your user ID and password.
  2. Select the “Transfer” menu.
  3. Select the menu “Virtual Account Billing” then select a debit account.
  4. Enter your Virtual Account number (example: 9881602300000001) on menu “new input”.
  5. The invoice payable will appear on the confirmation screen.
  6. Confirm the transaction and enter the Transaction Password.
  7. Your Payment Has Been Successful.


Payment via BNI Internet Banking
  1. Access
  2. Enter the User ID and password.
  3. Click the Transfer menu, then select “Virtual Account Billing”.
  4. Then enter your Virtual Account number (for example: 9881602300000001) to be paid. Then select the debit account
  5. will be used. Then press “Continue”.
  6. Then the bill to be paid will appear on the confirmation screen.
  7. Enter the Token Authentication Code.
  8. Your payment has been successful.


BNI VA payments from other banks
  1. Select the “Transfer between banks” or “Transfer online between banks”.
  2. If the transaction is through an ATM, enter the BNI Bank code (009) followed by 16 digit virtual account number, (example: 9881602300000001).
  3. If through a channel such as internet banking or mobile banking, select BNI Bank then enter the 16 digit virtual account number in the account column destination (example: 9881602300000001).
  4. Enter the transfer amount according to your bill or obligation. Nominal can not be processed.
  5. Confirmation of your details will appear on the screen, check and if it is appropriate, please continue the transaction until it is complete.
  6. Transaction Success.