Your Bitcoin deposit will be processed if the transaction has at least 1 confirmation in the blockchain.

The process usuallyy take 10 to 20 minutes, but sometimes it can take longer due to some reasons such as: the blockchain have been clogged with lots of transaction, or maybe the miners fee is too low.

When The transaction already have 1 confirmation in the blockchain, your Indodax account balance will be increased automatically.

69 Thoughts to “When i deposited some bitcoins, why my account balance didn't increased directly?

  1. Herwand

    Mengapa saya sudah melakukan deposit bitcoin dari salah satu platform cloud mining, tapi blm sampai jg ke wallet vip btc id saya? Padahal status di sana sudah confirmed, dan di blockchain pun transaksi saya sudah selesai dan seharusnya sudah masuk. Tp sampai saat ini masih 0 btc?

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