1. A Frozen balance is a balance that you can’t trade or withdraw because the balance has already been used for buy or sell order before. As an example, you have Rupiah balance as much as 1.000.000 IDR.
    You want to buy 700.000 IDR worth of bitcoins at your your desired price using the ‘Limit’ method. therefore you will have 700.000 worth of Frozen balance because that balance will be used to pay the bitcoin buy order.
    You can unfreeze your frozen balance by canceling your order. When you click on ‘Cancel order’, your rupiah balance will be returned to 1.000.000 IDR
  2. It’s the same thing with Rupiah or BTC withdrawal. When you wan to withdraw your balance to your bank account or to your own wallet, you’ll get a verification email first.
    As long as you haven’t verified the transaction through the email, your withdrawal status will be on ‘pending’  and your Rupiah or BTC balance which you want to withdraw will be frozen.
    This balance can be unfreeze by canceling your withdrawal, just click on the cancellation link on the email that we send before.

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