Community Coin Voting is a program by Indodax to determine new coins/tokens which are eligible to be listed in Indodax platform. In this program, all Indodax members could participate starting from the process of registration for the coins/tokens until vote on coins / tokens desired. There will be only 1 (one) new digital assets listed on Indodax platform at the end of period of Community Coin Voting program.

Requirement and provision of Community Coin Voting program.

  1. Registration Schedule can be seen on our blog.
  2. Registration can only be done by verified Indodax member.
  3. To register in this program, 100 TEN per digital asset is required and will be deducted from the member’s account balance at the time of digital asset registration.
  4. The applicant must guarantee a number of TEN as a security deposit and could determine the amount by themselves.
  5. Digital asset which can be registered are:
    • Projects which do not violate regulations applied in Indonesia
    • Minimum registered at 3 exchanges registered with CoinMarketCap
    • Excluding MLM / lending / investment projects
    • Must have a vivid and reliable founder / co-founder identity
    • Registered on
    • The digital asset has definite supply and circulation and can be seen in blockchain network
    • We only can support Ethereum Token, NEO Token, Stellar Token, Achain token, Waves Token. Mainnet is subject of consideration by management Indodax.
    • Other internal consideration by INDODAX management
    • Digital assets must have put the company name registered on its website and company clearly registered before the voting period.
  6. Digital Asset registration can be made on website in “Community Coin Voting” menu (after logging in).

  1. Registration of digital asset requires a number of security deposit that can be determined by the member.
  2. Security deposit is in the form of TEN tokens.
  3. Security deposit as guarantee of digital asset project will run well at least for up to 1 year ahead. If for some reason the digital asset on the list is problematic (eg. team has dismissed, team ask for delisting, small liquidity occurs, chain-split, breaking rules, etc.), then the security deposit will be paid back to the members who still have the coin / token in accordance with the pro-rated calculation of balances owned.
  4. The amount of security deposit can be added up to 24 hours before the voting period ends, but can not be reduced.
  5. The amount of security deposit of each digital asset will appear on the voting page.

  1. Voting can only be done by verified Indodax members.
  2. Every 1 vote sent requires 0.1 TEN to be deducted directly from voter’s account balance.
  3. There is no maximum vote limit for each member.
  4. Member can vote to more than 1 digital asset.
  5. Every vote that has been done is final and cannot be canceled.
  6. TEN collected from the Community Voting program will be saved in cold storage and not be used within at least 1 year after the voting period is over. Collected TEN will be save at the following address: 0xd39c74c6a8c2b759a6b855804964a24cab2fa79b

  1. Assessment for Community Coin Voting period V is calculated based on the number of votes and the amount of security deposit, by the formula: Score = (number of TEN voting * 90%) + (number of TEN security deposit * 10%).Example: – ABC coin gets 1,000,000 votes and has provided a security deposit of 100,000 TEN, then the score calculation is = (1,000,000 x 0.1 TEN * 90%) + (100,000 * 10%) = 100,000.
  2. Assessment for Community Coin Voting period VI is calculated based on the number of votes, the amount of security deposit and previous Community Coin Voting score, by the formula: Score = { (Total accumulation of TEN voting * 0,1 TEN x 90%) + (Total number of TEN security deposit * 10%) } – (50% * Total Score from period V).Example: – ABC coin on the period V got 1,000,000 votes and has provided a security deposit of 100,000 TEN, then at period VI gets more 2,000,000 votes and provide more security deposit of 500,000 TEN. the score calculation is = { (1,000,000 + 2,000,000) x 0.1 TEN x 90%) + (100,000 + 500,000) x 10% } – (50% * 100,000 = 280,000.
  3. Only 1 winner each voting
  4. The winner needs a minimum score of 10,000.
  5. The winner needs at least 100 other members who also give vote.

  1. INDODAX has the rights to moderate all the incoming digital asset registration.
  2. INDODAX can reject digital asset registration which considered unilaterally violate the terms.
  3. If the registration is rejected, then the security deposit will be returned to the registrant.
  4. The balance of 100 TEN which have been deducted as the requirement of registration is not refundable.
  5. INDODAX will conduct Due Diligence on voting winner to make sure on management and company profile. If the winner does not pass Due Diligence, INDODAX will not list it. If this happen, our team will consider the second winner to be listed. Digital asset used for voting will not be returned in any condition even if it does not pass Due Diligence.
  6. INDODAX management has the right to disqualify, eliminate or not to proceed each digital asset project to next round.
  7. If a digital asset project which registered fail to win on COMMUNITY COIN VOTING, vote amount and security deposit will be kept for the next period. The vote amount will not expire when the next voting period begin. Digital asset which does not win in certain period can join COMMUNITY COIN VOTING next period only if approved by INDODAX management.
  8. Every decision made by INDODAX management is final and INDODAX is not obligated to provide reasons for any decisions made.
  9. Project that want to join Community Coin Voting must have placed registered company name in their website before the voting period begin.

  1. INDODAX may change rules for Community Coin Voting for next period
  2.  If registered digital aset fail to win CCV in the previous period, voting score will deducted by 50% on next period. This deduction will applied on CCV period VI for participants from CCV period V. This new rule is made to make sure CCV process fair for new digital assets on the next period.
  3. INDODAX may add certain digital asset to marketplace without Community Coin Voting process if coin/token meet on of our requirements below :
  • Ranked top 100 in
  • Other internal consideration by INDODAX management
  • Please note that all type of digital assets in INDODAX have possibilities to be delisted from our marketplace if the project is constrained, has small trading volume, has crash with Indonesian regulations, or management considerations.