Indodax Prioritas is a membership program offered by Indodax to loyal members who have achieved the prestigious level. This program is an exclusive service that helps members do transaction and develop crypto asset portfolio. Enjoy various benefits & ease of access especially just for you!

As our priority members, you are entitled to enjoy a variety of exclusive features provided, such as prioritized service, dedicated assistance by Indodax team, as well as other special benefits and conveniences that can enhance your crypto asset transaction comfortably.

Below are the list of requirement and level of Indodax Prioritas:

  • Monthly trade volume IDR 10,000,000,000 or;
  • Total asset balance (IDR & Crypto Asset) IDR 500.000.000 or;
  • Total TEN amount 200.000 TEN

*Member account will be upgraded at the beginning of the month, based on data at the end of the previous month

Herewith the benefit for Indodax Prioritas member: