If you have a company or business that provide selling Indodax vouchers and you want to be our official partner, you can send us email to our email address [email protected] with “Partner Exchange Indodax.com” as subject, and please provide us with this information on your email:

  1. Your exchanger’s full name (please put the PT or CV if you have one)
  2. Your exchanger’s founder
  3. When was your exchanger established? (month and year)
  4. Your exchanger’s website address
  5. Your exchanger’s home/office address (please ensure that the address is written correctly because we are going to send the MOU to this address)
  6. Your Inodax Username
  7. Your e-mail
  8. What kind of services do you provide? Can indodax vouchers be exchanged to those services?
  9. A scan of your ID (KTP/Passport), and your business license (if available)
  10. A photo/scan of your bank statement or electricity/water bill to serve as a proof that the address of the house you are living now is valid.
  11. A picture of you holding a paper with the words “Verification to become Indodax.com‘s Partner” written on top of it (must be handwritten with your signature at the bottom). The photo must be taken in front of your house/office* to prove that your address is valid.
  12. Google Maps’ coordinates for your exchanger’s house/office.

*Your house must be a place that you really own, and not the one that you rent, or somebody else’s. Other requirements:

  1. You are at least 21 years-old.
  2. You must be a verified member in Indodax.
  3. You must have a minimum balance of 25 million IDR in your Indodax account, and have deposited Rupiah using a bank account under your name. That 25 million IDR balance will be a security deposit.
  4. You must be listed as a member of Indodax for more than 6 months.
  5. You must have minimum transaction volume of one billion IDR (your username should already be shown in blue text in the chatroom).

Our team will verify your provided data, and if all have been processed and verified, we’ll put your company name on our official partner list as you can see in this link.


  1. risco frederick

    Saya baru ingin membuat exchanger dan berharap mungkin pihak Bitcoin.co.id memiliki layanan afiliasi atau white label?

    1. infoadmin

      Halo Bapak/Ibu Risco Frederick,

      Bila Anda ingin mengetahui benefit yang didapatkan bila menjadi partner kami bisa menghubungi admin kami di [email protected]

      Semoga jawaban dari kami bisa membantu.

    1. bitcoin Article Author

      Hello E-Coin,

      Thank you very much for your offer. At the moment, we do not have any plans yet to add another alternate coin to our market since we are more focusing in the remittance area but there is always a possibility in the future for E-Coin to be integrated. If you have a proposal or slides we can take a look at to understand more about E-Coin, that would be great. And if it is proven to have many users in Indonesia with huge demand coming from them to trade this coin to Bitcoin, we will put E-Coin as our priority to add to our market.

      Thank you very much for reaching out to us.

  2. DMD Team

    Respected Sir/Madam.

    As requested from your user.
    They would like you to add our DMD coin added in your reputed platform.

    We are a established coin with POS and Masternode algorithm. We are already traded on many public platforms like Bitrrex and Livecoin.

    With $31,363,969 marketcap and $127,259 daily volume, this will be a win-win partnership.
    We hope that you can add our coins to your reputed platform.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,
    DMD Team

  3. alex fernanda

    Hi bitcoin.co.id team,

    i would like to see bitcoinz (btcz) in bitcoin.co.id market.
    is there any possibility?
    what is the requirement so that this coin will available in your platform

    Best Regard

  4. alex fernanda

    Hi Madam;

    its not bitcoin(BTC) what i mean, but bitcoinz(BTCZ). you can see in this link
    i have access to developer this coin. so if you need any requirement i.e money, proposal submission, or voting user so that this coin can available in your platform, please let me know.

    Best Regard