How to create voucher to your account:

  • Login to If you didn’t have an account yet, register here.
  • Click ‘Voucher’ on the menu. You need to have IDR balance in order to create vouchers. to top up your IDR balance, click on ‘Deposit Rupiah’.
  • You can start creating vouchers by filling the right column. enter the amount of Rupiah that you want to convert into voucher (you can make voucher start from 1.000 IDR). enter the recipient’s email address.
  • Enter your Google Authenticator code or your SMS code then click on “CONTINUE TO GENERATE VOUCHER”.
  • You will receive this notification if you fill the ‘Recipient’s email’ field before. this notification will help you to verify that you agree to send the voucher’s code to someone else, and the code only visible and usable by the recipient. Press OK if you agree. If you didn’t fill anything in the recipients email field before, you will be directly go to the next step.

voucher eng 04

  • You will receive an email from us. Click on the top URL to confirm the voucher generation process.

voucher eng 05

  • You’ll be brought back to and you will find voucher code just like this.

voucher eng 06

  • Voucher generation process has finished. your IDR balance will be deducted and converted to voucher that you can use  anytime or give it to other people to top up their account’s IDR balance.

11 Thoughts to “How to create voucher?

  1. Yusuf Praditya

    kalau misal saya mempunyai 2 akun vip dan terverifikasi semua, tetapi di salah satu akun tersebut nomor hp sudah tidak aktif dan masih ada banyak saldo, jadi saya ingin memindahkan saldo yg ada di akun tersebut ke akun vip yg satunya lewat pembuatan voucher, apakah bisa? karena kalau transfer lewat btc/altcoin nanti disuruh isi PIN SMS sedangkan nomor sudah tidak aktif.. apakah bisa???

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