Here’s how to deposit Rupiah into your Indodax account. Click the ‘Wallet‘ menu, select ‘Rupiah‘ Deposit Method:

  1. Bank Transfer Enter the amount you wish to deposit. Select the source of funds that you want to deposit, choose Bank Transfer (Virtual Account, etc)
  2. Voucher If you choose the voucher method, you can immediately redeem the voucher code that you have, or you can buy vouchers from our exchanger partners. Select your preferred payment method and click ‘Choose’ button on the right side to see further instructions.
  3. Cash If you choose the cash method, you can make a deposit by handing over cash through your nearest Indodax branch offices.
  4. E-Wallet On the Source of Funds, select ‘Electronic Money (OVO, ShopeePay, etc)’, then click ‘QRIS (E-wallet)’ if you wish to use ShopeePay, OVO, Dana, LinkAja, and other QRIS supported e-wallet. Please select OVO if you wish to use OVO.
  5. Retail On the Source of Funds, select ‘Retail (Alfamart)’ then follow the instructions given.
  6. Wait for our finance team to validate your deposit.
  7. Your balance will be arrived within 1-3 hours during business hours.

157 Thoughts to “How to deposit Rupiah?

  1. Wendy Juin, SE

    Hi team admin,

    Terima kasih atas respons nya yg cepat.

    Saya sdh melakukan konfirmasi pengiriman/transfer. Dana yg saya kirim rp.2.000.000,- sementara dari konfirmasi transfer mengharuskan saya transfer sebesar rp.2.000.968,-.

    Demikian disampaikan.


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