You can deposit Rupiah from overseas bank, but please note that this process will take approximately 5-7 bank days, and even in some cases, it may take even longer. It depends on the bank that processes your money transfer from your bank account to ours. Indodax will only process your deposit transaction if your money has already arrived in our bank account. Please also note that the remittance transactions from overseas banks will incur unpredictable charges from the banks.

If you have already transfer the fund, please send this following data to our Customer Support via email [email protected]

  1. Name : 
  2. Username : 
  3. Email : 
  4. Deposit Amount : 
  5. Transfer Receipt:
  6. Sender account number and bank : 
  7. Destination account number and bank : 

There’s also a chance where your transaction gets canceled by the bank that process your money transfer for some reason. In the event of a case like this, please contact the bank for the status of your funds. Indodax will not be able to help in this case since we haven’t received your funds yet, and we are also not the party who canceled the transaction. Indodax does not charge you any fee for Rupiah deposit, either from overseas or domestic bank. All fees are charged by the banks that processes your funds transfer. If there are any problem regarding this money transfer process, please contact the bank’s customer support.

39 Thoughts to “Can I deposit Rupiah from my overseas bank account to my Indodax account?

  1. David Themin

    Halo admin,

    saya sudah selesai verifikasi dan mau deposit pertama, tapi dihalaman deposit ada notifikasi nama di bank harus sama dengan nama terdaftar (basis e-KTP), masalahnya nama diBank sudah saya terdaftar lebih dari 10 tahun, sebelum e-KTP di jalankan. dimana di e-KTP ada titel contoh : POLTAK, SE dan di buku bank hanya POLTAK, apakah ini akan terkendala untuk deposit / pencairan hasil transaksinya ? mohon konfirmasinya, terima kasih.

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