No. Currently PT. Indodax – Indonesia Bitcoin & Crypto Exchange has never collaborated in any way with cloud mining, MLM, Ponzi Schemes, Money Games and HYIPs that offer profit from trading or using crypto asset. Therefore, we also do not cooperate and are not related to Biclubnetwork, BTCPanda, MMM Global, Binary, OneCoin, BitKingdom, Eurobit and MMM Indonesia. All our official partner lists are available at this link.

Please note that is just a market / marketplace that is opened with the aim to bring together crypto asset sellers and buyers so they can trade crypto asset with rupiah. All risks from crypto asset trading transactions and their use are the responsibility of their respective users. is NOT responsible for all risks arising from member involvement in the MMM system, MLM, Ponzi Scheme, Money Game or any HYIP. All actions and decisions taken are the responsibility of each user.

All members are encouraged to be careful of MMM, MLM, Ponzi Schemes, Money Games or HYIPs that are based on the ponzi system where there is a risk of system restarting or even being closed without prior notice.

6 Thoughts to “Does work together with any MLM, Cloud Mining, HYIP, or MMM company?

  1. Rizky Mulyana

    Dear Bitcoin Indonesia, apakah pool mining termasuk dalam HYIP dg resiko seperti cloud mining? Jika tidak, apakah ada jasa pool mining yang bisa direkomendasikan?

    Terima kasih.

  2. Bisono

    Hello admin saya mau tanya, apakah Bitcoin Cash itu cryptocurrency baru dan ada hubungannya dengan Bitcoin ?kalau saya mau invest di Bitcoin Cash apakah saya harus buka wallet lg di Bitcoin Cash dan apakah bisa menggunakan Email & no.HP yang sudah saya gunakan di Bitcoin ? Terima kasih !

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