You can. The crypto asset address that is listed on the ‘wallet‘ menu is a crypto asset address that is specifically generated only for you and can be used several times. You may think of it as your temporary wallet. You can send crypto asset to that address and your crypto asset balance in your Indodax account will increase accordingly.

But please note that Indodax is merely an exchange, not a wallet provider, which is why your Indodax’s crypto asset addresses may suddenly change due to security reasons. We suggest you to use your own crypto asset wallet to do daily transactions.

If you wish to create your own private wallet, please head over to companies and websites that truly provide wallet services.

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  1. Hubla

    Yang punya alamat BTC 1Ae1yV7UbuXqdr2Tw6ujMBQMfG6yEHxv8x + BCH 18XCUdFVW3HX1VuEmWxM7dMSw3ZmJcodjK dan username VIP M_prayogi adalah penipu min, cara lacaknya gimana?

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