Indeed, yes. For security purposes, there are two types of PIN with different function within Dompet Bitcoin Indonesia. The first one is the usual SMS PIN that will be automatically sent from our system to your phone in a form of text message. This SMS PIN is necessary in order to verify one of these transactions: withdrawing Rupiah to your bank account, sending Bitcoin to another Bitcoin wallet, or creating vouchers.

Your SMS PIN will appear something like this:

The second PIN is the PERSONAL PIN that you have set up when you first accessed your mobile app(the 6 digits PIN, remember?). These digits are not only created to make it easier for you to login to your app, but also to verify your transaction. Unlike SMS PIN that can automatically appear, you have to put these digits manually. If you have already inputted the wrong PIN for more than 5 times, you will be automatically redirected to a new page where you can login to the app using your e-mail and password like usual. If you have hard times remembering your password, just click on that little button with the words ‘Forgot Password’ written on it to reset your password. How does your PERSONAL PIN look like?

Every time you make Bitcoin, Rupiah or voucher withdrawals, you need to enter both of these PIN in order for your withdrawal request to be approved. For example, if you want to generate a voucher, this application will automatically send you an SMS PIN to the phone number you have registered in

If the phone number you registered is the same with the phone number you’re using right now, then this mobile app will automatically copy paste your SMS PIN so you don’t have to type it down manually.

Afterwards, you need to enter your PERSONAL PIN to verify your request. Enter the 6 digits PIN you have created before and your transaction will be executed.

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    1. Jaka

      Halo bapak Herianto,

      Apakah yang anda maksud adalaha PIN SMS?
      Mohon pastikan bahwa pada nomor tersebut sudah berisi saldo pulsa, karena penerimaan PIN SMS akan dipotong biaya sesuai dengan tarif per SMS masing-masing provider. Apabila tetap mengalami kendala demikian, kami sarankan untuk langsung menghubungi tim support kami. Berhubung kami bukan tim support, silahkan untuk langsung menghubungi tim support kami di [email protected]

      Terima kasih.

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