In, you can also see the Bitcoin price on foreign markets which is usually different compared to the price in Indonesian market. On BTC-USD markets such as Coinbase, Bitstamp or ItBit, the Bitcoin price is written in USD (for example, one BTC is 430 USD). To make it easier for our members, we convert those numbers into IDR using the API provided by Yahoo Finance. You can see the conversion process in Yahoo Finance by clicking here. We are also using Yahoo Finance’s API to convert CNY to USD for Bitcoin markets in China such as BTCChina and Huobi.

Please note that the exchange rate in Yahoo Finance changes every minute, following the latest movement of the price. This is fairly different compared to the price in iBanking websites that usually only changes once within a day. This is why sometimes the exchange rate that we are using is different than the exchange rate that you see in Indonesian’s local banks, considering our rate is more updated.

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  1. mutholik

    Saya deposit idr 248000. Kemudian buy XRP/IDR diharga 37220 mendapat 5 XRP dan buy NXT/IDR diharga 8158 mendapat 7,46 NXT. Selang berapa lama harga XRP turun diharga 32160 dan NXT turun diharga 7615. Kalau dihitung oleh saya est.asset value harusnya berkurang sekitar idr 5500 tapi mengapa est.asset value yang tertera di akun idr 217000. Sangat jauh melewati hitung saya yang harusnya 248000-5500 = 242500. Adakah penjelasan mengenai ini?

  2. Lee Chin Teck

    I am an account user from Singapore. Can I withdraw IDR into my DBS Singapore account and if yes, are there extra fees? How will the FX conversion be handled? And how many days will the funds be reflected back in my DBS Singapore account?

    1. Risky Bitcoin

      Hello Mr / Mrs Lee

      You can deposit Rupiah from overseas bank, but please note that this process will take approximately 5-7 bank days, and even in some cases, it may take even longer. It depends on the bank that processes your money transfer from your bank account to ours. will only process your deposit transaction if your money has already arrived in our bank account.

      Hopefully our answer can help. thanks.

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