• 1% deposit fee will be charged when making a deposit through a counter / branch office. With a maximum fee of IDR 1,000,000
  • Online Deposit fees are not charged from Indodax. But, different fees will be charged when using the Virtual Account method.
  • 1% withdrawal fee is calculated from withdrawal amount. With the minimum withdrawal fee of IDR 25,000.
Asset Name Deposit Withdraw Buy/Sell with Bitcoin
Bitcoin Free 0,0005 BTC Not Available
Tokenomy Free 1 TEN Free
The Abyss Free 100 ABYSS Not Available
Achain Free 1 ACT Not Available
Cardano Free 1 ADA Not Available
Aurora Free 100 AOA Not Available
Bitcoin Diamond Free 0.0005 BCD Not Available
Bitcoin Cash Free 0.0005 BCH Not Available
Bitcoin Gold Free 0.0005 BTG Not Available
BitShares Free 1 BTS Free
DAEX Free 20 DAX Not Available
DASH Free 0.002 DASH Free
DogeCoin Free 5 DOGE Free
Ethereum Free 0.005 ETH Free
Ethereum Classic Free 0.005 ETC Not Available
Global Social Chain Free 20 GSC Not Available
IGNIS Free 5 IGNIS Not Available
Litecoin Free 0.02 LTC Free
Pundi X Free 100 NPXS Not Available
NXT Free 2 NXT Free
Ontology Free 1 ONT Not Available
Storiqa Free 100 STQ Not Available
Sumokoin Free 1 SUMO Free
Tron Free 1 TRX Not Available
USDT Free 5 USDT Not Available
Vexanium Free 1 VEX Not Available
Waves Free 0.05 WAVES Not Available
NEM Free 10 XEM Free
Stellar Lumens Free 0.00002 XLM Free
Ripple Free 2 XRP Free
ZCoin Free 0.02 XZC Not Available

*All Rupiah fees that apply to both trade and withdrawal transactions happening in Indodax.com has already included 10% tax.

  • Market Taker / Instant / Stop Order: method will be charged 0.3% fee of the number of transactions.
  • Market Maker / Limit: does not have to pay for the trading fee (0% fee) in buying and selling activity.

*Please visit this page for further information about market taker/instant, stop order and market maker / limit.

233 Thoughts to “Indodax detailed fees

  1. peter jalimun

    min tolong diproses transferan saya, akun saya namanya peter jalimun. td sudah konfirmasi pembayaran harap di proses cepat min

  2. Christian

    Apakah begini contoh perhitungan fee nya jika mengikuti harga saat saya menulis komentar ini? Memakai contoh BTC dan ETH

    BITCOIN 151.189.000 X 0.0005 = 75.594 rupiah sekali kirim
    ETH 13.788.000 X 0.005 = 68.940 rupiah sekali kirim

    Apakah fee nya tetap sama baik mengirim sedikit maupun banyak?

    1. Suasti Bitcoin.co.id Article Author

      Halo bapak/ibu Christian,

      Terima kasih telah menghubungi kami,
      Fee tetap sama apabila mengirim dalam jumlah sedikit maupun banyak.
      Semoga dapat membantu, terima kasih.

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