How to redeem Indodax Voucher :

  • Login to and click ‘Voucher’ from the menu in the left side.
  • Insert the voucher code in the marked column, then click ‘REDEEM VOUCHER’. Please notice that you must insert the correct voucher code. If you fail to insert the right code 5 times in a row, then your account will be locked.
  • You’ll get notification voucher process has been completed.
  • Redeem voucher process has been completed. you just redeemed your voucher, and now your Rupiah in your account will be increased. And you can also check your voucher history for created and redeemed vouchers.

44 Thoughts to “How to redeem Indodax Voucher?

  1. rina

    last time i want deposit to
    my requested deposit money is rp99,000,196.00
    but, when i transfer money that i doing 4times transfer.
    bcz of my account is have remit.
    my means 24,000196.00 and 25,000,000.00 x 3times.

    unfortunatley, my is no have rp.
    how to do ?
    plz plz process of it.
    if you can’t do it that you just return money to me.
    i again transfer money to

    plz quickly responds to me

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