How to transfer the Rupiah balance on an Indodax account to your personal bank account.

  1. Choose ‘Wallet’, click ‘Deposit/Withdraw Rupiah’ and click ‘Withdraw Rupiah’ menu then follow the instructions
  2. Enter the amount of money that you want to withdraw. We charge 0.5% for withdraw more than Rp 5.000.000. And for withdrawal less than that, we chare Rp 25.000
  3. Choose the bank that you use, and enter Google Authenticator pin or SMS pin
  4. Click ‘send’.
  5. Please wait until our admin verified your withdraw. It takes 1 working days.

40 Thoughts to “How to move my funds from Indodax to my bank account?

  1. Rusky

    Pak saya melakukan penarikan sejak tgl 13 Jan, status success dan sudah ada bukti transfer namun sampe hati ini belum masuk ke rekening, padahal saya melakukan penarikan jg pada tgl 14 Jan, dan telah masuk ke rekening, mohon agar dikonfirmasi, terima kasih

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