Indodax provides many ways for members to deposit into their account, from bank transfer to convenient store network. However, if there is no preferable option to make deposit. we get you another easy way for to deposit, which is through exchanges that sell Indodax vouchers.

To make deposit with a voucher, or buy a voucher via our partner exchanges, these are the steps:

  • Input the Rupiah amount you want to deposit on the ‘deposit amount’ and choose ‘Voucher’ in the Deposit using’ column. Then click ‘CONTINUE’.

  • Click on ‘CHOOSE’ in the ‘Buy Voucher at Exchanger’ option.

For more information please visit their website or contact their customer services.


Don’t make a transaction on the chat room because there might be a con that using the exchanges name. Please contact the exchanges directly to the contact provided in their sites.

PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia is not affliated with the listed exchanges. PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia do not take responsibility on all the  transaction made by member to member using the exchanges.

51 Thoughts to “How to buy voucher via partner exchanger?

  1. ari

    Dear admin,
    apakah sekarang kalau mau deposit via atm mandiri tidak ada pilihan menggunakan midtrans?
    menurut saya pilihan itu sangat memudahkan karena diproses instan

  2. Mariani

    Dimanakah letak perbedaan Jual beli bitcoin secara Instan
    dan jual beli secara spot market?

    Yang saya maksud adalah:
    Dimanakah dampak resiko kerugian pada Jual beli Instan?
    dan Dimana dampak resiko kerugian pada Jualbeli secara Spot Market?

    Jika pertanyaan saya di luar topik..
    Dimanakah saya dapat mengajukan pertanyaan ini?

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