How to deposit Bitcoin into your Indodax account.

  1. Click menu ‘‘Wallet’, choose ‘Bitcoin
  2. You will find a Bitcoin address that is specially generated for you and can be used multiple times. For example: 1Gxfy6MBiFHJjssjmJ14QSA9SUPDxvr8JD
  3. Send the amount of Bitcoin you want to deposit to that address by pasting the Bitcoin Address to your wallet or simply scan the QR Code on the right to make it easier for you to send Bitcoin from your smartphone wallet.
  4. Wait for 10-30 minutes until your Bitcoin arrives in your Indodax account. Your BTC balance will automatically show up in your account.
  5. Deposit Bitcoin is free of charge.

24 Thoughts to “How to deposit Bitcoin?

  1. ruddy


    saya deposit BTC dari blockchain kok blm masuk yah BTC nya… padahal di blockchain status udh confirmed tapi kenapa di VIP failed yaah..
    mohon bantuannya admin….

    terima kasih

  2. faisal eka ardian

    Halo mas, pada tgl 19 – 01 – 2018 jam 00:37 saya deposit idr dgn cara transfer melalui ATM BNI, tetapi sampai saat ini dana blum masuk ke acc bitcoin. dan saya uda konfirmasi pending jg di menu setor / tarik rupiah. mohon bantuannya.

    terima kasih

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