Yes, you totally can!’s very own trading app is now available to download for free on Google Play Store for all of you Android users. You can access your account, make a buy or sell order and also to check crypto asset market movement anytime and anywhere from your android phone. This user manual will show the steps you need to do to install the app in your phone:

  • Download the app by accessing Google play store from your phone. Type “” in the search box and click on search button see blue circle on the picture). you’ll find the logo just like in the picture and click on it.

  • You can install the app by clicking on the green button just like in the red circle.

  • After the installation process have done, the can be opened on your phone.
  • You’ll find a page like this on your phone. this page show the list of available market in site. You can access all the market from your phone, anywhere and anytime you want, but if you want to login to your account, you need to click on the drop down menu on the top left of your screen (look at the red circle).

  • Click button just like in the red circle.

  • Click login

  • Fill you e-mail and password, then click login

  • Slide piece of puzzle to complete the captcha

  • Enter the Google Authenticator code, next click submit Mobile app features

There are more than 10 different market in that you can access anytime and anywhere with your phone. You can view the trade volumes, high price. low price, and current price of bitcoin and another crypto asset that available on market. To check your balance, you can click on the symbol on the top right of your screen. To buy or sell crypto asset, you need to tap on your desired market. As an example, if you want to sell or buy Litecoin, tap on ‘LTC/BTC Market’ (red box) and you’ll go to a new page. You can also look your trade history, price from foreign markets, order book and your open orders just by sliding left or right on your phone.

 This page will show you Bitcoin and another crypto asset in the foreign markets. as an example, you can compare the bitcoin price in with the bitcoin price in Bitstamp or Coinbase.

To help you  watch the price, you can set an alarm that will ring when the bitcoin price is higher or lower than your expected price. Tap on the alarm symbol (red circle) to set the alarm as you want.

You can greet, chat, share information with other users through chatroom. If you are lucky you can also get quizzes and coin or vouchers giveaway from other members!

In this page, you can track all of your pending order. If you have made any crypto asset buy or sell order before in, and the order hasn’t been filled, you can see it on this page.

You can logout from your account anytime by tapping on the ‘Logout’ button (red box). If you want to increase your account security in your phone, you can activate the passcode by sliding the white circle to the right (blue circle). You will need to enter 4 digit pin number that will be asked every time you open the mobile app. mobile app also provide a widget which you can use to watch the bitcoin price without opening the mobile app. The widget  will show you the current bitcoin price on your phone home screen and the price will be refreshed every set of interval that you can set on your own through the ‘setting’ in your mobile app. mobile app also provides a feature Finance that can be used for:

1. Deposit and withdraw in Rupiah

2. Send and get crypto asset

3. Send and get voucher

4. See history transactions

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    Hai Min, Saya mau tanya dong, Apa itu URL Callback? Dan bagaimana cara untuk mendapatkannya?
    Soalnya Mau saya pakai untuk Trade API

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