For the purposes of complying with government regulations in Indonesia as well as preventing any cases of fraud, money laundering and so on to happen in the future, we are limiting your daily withdrawal to ten million for expatriates, and two hundred million IDR for Indonesian citizens (and its equivalent in BTC) after the Account Verification process.

Your withdrawal limit will always be reset at 00.00 a.m (GMT + 07). In other words, if you have withdrawn your IDR/BTC surpassing your daily limit, you need to wait until the next day to make another withdrawal.

However, you are permitted to modify your daily limits for Bitcoin/Fiat withdrawals by following these steps:

  1. Please click “Deposit/withdraw rupiah” menu and click “withdraw rupiah”
  2. There is “Daily withdrawal limit is 200,000,000 IDR (to raise the limit, click here)” then click “click here
  3. Download, print it out, and write down all the requested information in capital letters.
  4. Place a stamp on the document and sign over it.
  5. Scan the document. Make sure that the document is not cropped nor given watermark, and the text can be read clearly.
  6. Fill for new limit, upload the form and your identity
  7. Click “save”

Our auditing team will help you process your request based on your transaction history.

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