We can’t put your company ad on Indodax.com, but you can put your company banner ads on the available spot on forum.bitcoin.co.id or forumbitcoin.com. Forumbitcoin.co.id is a the biggest cryptocurrency forum in Indonesia that have been a gathering place for VIP member and bitcoin community from all over Indonesia. If your Business is about cryptocurrency (e.g but not limited to cloud mining, casino, online game with bitcoin reward, exchange, etc), Frorumbitcoin.co.id will be an ideal place for you to promote your business, because our members are bitcoin and cryptocurrency user. For more information, banner size, and how long you want to place your ad, you check here.

One Thought to “Can I put my company ad on Indodax.com site?

  1. Andrew


    I work at marketing agency for Blockchain & ICO projects. We do the complete marketing for companies. From Pre-ICO to ICO. They all want our help to get listed at the exchanges. Especially at yours one.

    What terms or price could you provide to us if we may bring from 5 to 10 clients each month guaranteed?

    Now we have 7 clients, which want to be listed during next 2 weeks.

    2 of them are ready right now. NAME is the most appropriate option for them.