Our central bank, Bank Indonesia, stated that Bitcoin is allowed to be used, traded, or kept as an asset of a digital commodity by the Indonesian citizen, but it is not allowed to be used as a method of payment considering the only legal currency that can be used in Indonesia is only Rupiah (US Dollars, Yen, or Bitcoin is not allowed). The use of Bitcoin is solely the user’s responsibility.

This is the official press release from Bank Indonesia, taken directly from their site.


No. 16/6/DKom​​​

In view of the Act No. 7 Year 2012 concerning Currency and Act No. 23 Year 1999 which has been amended several times, the latest with Act No. 6 Year 2009, Bank Indonesia states that Bitcoin and other virtual currency are not currency or legal payment instrument in Indonesia.
The society is encouraged to be careful toward Bitcoin and other virtual currency. All risks related to the ownership/use of Bitcoin should be borne by the owner/user of the Bitcoin and other virtual currency.
Jakarta, 6 February 2014
Communication Department
Peter Jacobs

15 Thoughts to “What does Bank Indonesia think about Bitcoin?

  1. Phien

    sekarang sudah ada tempat” di Bali yang menerima pembayaran dengan menggunakan bitcoin, apakah saya harus membuka bitcoin wallet lagi misal di blockchain.info atau mycelium, atau cukup dengan membuka akun/menjadi member di bitcoin.co.id?

    1. Risky Bitcoin

      Halo Bapak/Ibu Phien

      Mohon maaf kami tidak merekomendasikan bitcoin sebgai alat tukar karena alat tukar yang sah di indonesia adalah rupiah.
      Bitcoin hanya di jadikan aset digital yang di perjual belikan.

      Semoga jawaban dari kami bisa membantu. Terima kasih.

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