Dompet Bitcoin Indonesia is the latest mobile application from that can be download for free by all of you Android users at Google Play Store. This mobile app will allow you to store, send, buy/sell Bitcoin in much more easily! You can download the app by going to this link

Dompet Bitcoin Indonesia is available in both English and Indonesian language, that you can set based on your phone settings. Through this app, you don’t have to login to to trade, create/redeem voucher, top up or withdraw your Rupiah balance, or any other features that are available in our website. Just login to your mobile app and find out how easy it is to trade only with a few clicks of your thumbs!

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  1. Dimas

    Teman saya pada tanggal 7 januari 2018 dan jam 17.20 wib sudah membuat id , namun saat ingin login emailnya tidak dapat ditemui dan saat forgot passwordpun tidak bisa.
    Email : [email protected]

    Mohon Bantuanya

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